Coastal Erosion in Gabardhanpur and Surrounding Area, Patharpratima, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India

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Bablu Samanta


Sundarban mangrove delta represents one of world’s delta where the Tidal action is extremely active. This unique tropical ecosystem has been delineated as almost vulnerable and disaster prone area in the world due to several aggressive natural hazards like sea level rise, cyclone, coastal erosion, salinization etc. Coastal erosion is the one of the most important hazards. This paper aimed to evaluate the coastal erosion in this area. It also attempted to find out the causes and consequences of coastal erosion in this area. Another objective of this study is to measure and quantify the rate and pattern of coastal erosion. Gobardhanpur and its surrounded mouzas (Mouza is the least administrative area in India. It is also called as a village) have been chosen for the study area. This village is most affected area due to coastal erosion in this region. Descriptive types of research method, literature survey, and questionnaire survey methods have been applied to this work. Questionnaire has prepared by 4 point Likart scale. Satellite data, mouza map and topographical map have been used for chronological analysis and determination of the rate of erosion. The maps and satellite images have been processed to digital images and superimposed for exploration of a pattern of coastal erosion through image processing software. The result shows that the Gobardhanpur and Plot G 6th portion are the most affected area. Another finding is that the Plot G 6th Portion almost vanished from the map. The cause of the coastal erosion of this area is mainly natural because forested areas are still extremely eroded. Man-made or anthropogenic causes are less in number. The result shows the consequences of this hazard. People lost their land which was used for agriculture, prawn culture, fishing. They have lost homestead property. They have diverted their occupation. People also migrated from this area as refugees.

Vulnerable, Mouza, anthropogenic, satellite data

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Samanta, B. (2018). Coastal Erosion in Gabardhanpur and Surrounding Area, Patharpratima, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, 15(3), 1-10.
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